A book review on education in Rwanda

I had the pleasure of writing up a short review about a new book on education in Rwanda. The review was recently published by the journal Compare.

A snippet from the review:

Primary School Leadership in Post-Conflict Rwanda: A Narrative Arc (Palgrave MacMillan 2018) adds to a burgeoning literature that has examined different aspects of basic education in Rwanda. The distinguishing feature of this book is its focus on school-level leadership. The book describes the current context facing education practitioners, offers an account of the historical context in which these policies emerged, and draws on qualitative interviews in rural and urban settings to examine the constraints facing school-level education leaders.

The book’s 242 pages are divided into seven chapters. The first three chapters offer an introduction to the book, an overview of Rwanda’s history of conflict, a synopsis of education leadership in other conflict-affected countries, and a detailed review of the literature on educational leadership. Chapter 4 describes the history of education policy in Rwanda from the colonial area up to the 1994 genocide. Chapter 5 describes the current policy context as the country emerged from conflict. Chapter 6 draws from 23 interviews with education leaders, mostly at the school level, to examine what the challenges faced and how they responded. Chapter 7 ties the book together, revisiting key themes and charting directions for further research.

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