I am a researcher with the Effective States and Inclusive Development program at University of Manchester. I also teach in global social work at Boston College School of Social Work.Tim Williams_0531_10

I received my Ph.D. in international development from University of Bath, my MSc in public health from Harvard School of Public Health, and my MSW from Boston College School of Social Work. In 2017, I completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I am a specialist in the study of childhood, youth, and development. My work draws from the dual registers of anthropology and sociology to study the introduction and reproduction of social inequalities. My analytical approach, as outlined in my recent publication in the journal Childhood, rests upon the assertions that first, young people are social actors who are actively involved in the construction of their own lives; second, that they are subjects with whom research is conducted rather than objects to be studied; and third, that their subjective experiences are best understood in historical and political-economic context.

I also take on consultancy projects. I have recently completed work for the World Bank’s 2018 World Development Report, a project on educational innovation for the Brookings Institution, a study on learning and technology for immigrant students for UMass Boston, and a project on child protection in refugee camps for Plan International.

Information about my work can also be found on Google Scholar, Academia.edu, and Research Gate.

In my spare time, I can be found pulling weeds at my community garden in Boston.